Title: Hot For Teacher
Series: Sylvan City Alphas #5
Genre: , ,

He’s a Rex out of his element when he becomes an insta-dad to his niece. She’s the teacher ready to defend the little girl who won her heart. Trouble is, the Rex is hot for teacher… body and soul.

Graham Keith has his hands full. His sister’s sudden passing leaves him with the responsibility of taking care of little Allie and their Pride. Leading he can handle. He’s got the heart and soul of an Alpha. Little Allie has always had his heart, but he’s never had to care for a child. He’s lucky that she is eager to forgive his mistakes, but her teacher Ms. Hardy isn’t. She’s ready to fight him tooth and nail to make sure he’s doing right by Allie. The problem is that Graham doesn’t want to just get in Ryan Hardy’s good graces, he wants to get in her bed… or her in his bed, or any other available surface, he’s never been picky before… but now it’s different. This feisty female isn’t just any woman, she’s his mate.

Ryan Hardy had two dreams as a child – be a teacher, be a mom, NOT in that order. Out of college for a few years, she’s focused on her work. If there’s a child that needs for anything, she’ll find a way to make it happen and that includes little Allie. Her Alli-Kat. Everyone seems to quake and shake in front of Graham, but Ryan doesn’t. So what if he’s a lion shifter? So what if he’s drop dead gorgeous? So what if he plagues her dreams at night? He’ll do right by his niece or he’ll answer to her!

The school has strict rules against relationships between faculty and parents. That doesn’t matter one bit to Graham, but Ryan loves her job… but Graham’s counting on her loving Allie more.

Ryan wants to know if Graham loves her too, or if all he is… is hot for teacher.

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