Title: Undercover Man
Series: Sylvan City Alphas #4
Genre: , ,

He made his career fitting into the darkest roles amongst the dregs of society infiltrating criminal enterprises. Now, the last Boss that he’ll have to convince of his loyalty, is his wife.

Wolfshifter, Dominick Vestri, made his career on his ability be a host of different people, whatever suited the job before him. He was a quick study on cons, burglaries, attacking each assignment with cold precision and a willingness to set aside whatever morals he’d been born with to put the worst criminals behind bars.

When an assignment nearly kills him, Dom quits and takes a job with the SCPD in Sylvan City so that he can return home to this wife, Shea, and their daughter, Brier.

But if he was expecting them to welcome him with open arms, Dom was in for a rude awakening.  Shea had been the sole parent and influence in Brier’s life for almost six years, the last thing she wants is Dom back in their lives 24/7. No amount of his smug swaggering ego is going to heal the rift between them, and sex? Ha! That’s the last thing on her mind.

Try as she can to remind herself of that face, her body can’t help combusting every time he touches her.   

And Brier? His baby isn’t a baby any more.  Instead of his sweet cuddly little girl, she’s sassy as can be and can’t seem to remember who he is. Too bad the only one Dom can blame is himself.

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