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Breeching: Clothing… Not Birth

Breeching: Clothing… Not..

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I like the little things… no, we’re not talking about ‘sweating’ the small stuff… but there are so many things that were different in the past that seem almost alien to people in the modern world. I think the most important thing is to keep learning and that, for me, means to keep reading books […]

Thanksgiving Receipts – Peterson’s Magazine 1868

Thanksgiving Receipts – ..

Posted November 5, 2018 by Reina in Blog Posts, Bower Colorado, Historical, Old West, Sweet / 0 Comments

Being the month of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share two receipts from Peterson’s Magazine 1868 (now remember, I haven’t tested these receipts/recipes… so be careful) Mashed Potatoes. – Mashed potatoes form a very common dish at English tables. This dish is generally, however, a kind of substitute, for the vegetable is seldom mashed unless it […]

Lessons Learned – First Book Signing

Lessons Learned – First ..

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Originally posted on Smart Girls Read Romance – Sitting in a hotel, about to fall asleep, because tomorrow I fly home to Hawaii. Yesterday, I had my first book signing. Leading up to it that morning, my stomach was in knots and laughter was easy, but it came from a nervous place in my chest. […]

Voice – the Everlasting Search

Voice – the Everlasting ..

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When you walk into a museum or a gallery and see a painting, sometimes you can just ‘tell’ who painted it. Blurred strokes, waterlilies, dreamy colors… Monet, right? (We have this painting here in Honolulu) Stars, watered-down images, directional brush strokes… Van Gogh? You got it! But, that’s not ‘just’ it. Artists go through their […]

Position & Positioning – Let’s talk about…

Position & Positioning &#..

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Position and Positioning First of all, apologies to the Sherman Brothers for using their song title for a title, but it fits, if only in it’s surface.  The original song is in their 1976 Movie version of the Cinderella story and talks about class and rank in a feudal society… But me? Umm… I’m going […]

Navigating the ‘Muse’-fields

Navigating the ‘MuseR..

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“You know, if I just had some time, I could write a book.” That’s one I’ve hear a number of times. And it’s true. Given a little time, you could write a book. That’s how I do it. Take time + Dedication + Pressure + Deadlines + Anxiety…. there’s a lot of things that go into a book/novella/novel. For […]

The Cosmic Cork

The Cosmic Cork

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The Cosmic Cork. I know what you’re thinking… What? Wait, what?But let’s roll with it, okay? A long time ago in a fandom far away, I ran a website that was an “Oral History” for actors, crew, and fans that were there on set. People would share pictures and first hand stories about the TV […]

Holding Out for a Hero… a Beta Hero

Holding Out for a Hero… ..

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Holding Out for a Hero… a BETA HERO When I hear/read about heroes, most times the word that comes before it is Alpha Alphas are the leader of the pack, the rough and tumble man who runs head first into the fray. The guy that can sword fight the enemy and defeat the Huns all […]