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Listen to What Your Body is Telling You

Listen to What Your Body is Te..

Posted September 8, 2018 by Reina in Reina's wRiting Life / 0 Comments

Recently, I had surgery to release the tension in my wrist from carpal tunnel. I’ve had it for years and my Neurologist had been seeing me every three months for those years to test the strength in my hand. Over the last few years, I was fairly sure that there was more damage going on, […]

Love Is… Fan Fic

Love Is… Fan Fic

No, seriously… What is fanfic? Beyond the whole ‘transformative work of fiction based on the works of…’ And other technical definitions- Fan fiction is love. When I started reading, a long long time ago, I loved stories, loved books, and sometimes those books stopped. They ended. Nada. No more. But I wanted more. So I […]