Six Sentence Sunday: Keeping Love Alive

Six Sentence Sunday: Keeping L..

#SixSentenceSunday Title: Keeping Love Alive by: Reina Torres “I might beg to differ, Senator, but then again I’ve always been somewhat of an arrogant jerk.” “Are all para-jumpers like you?” That question seemed to interest his companion. Lifting his eyebrows up by a hair, Henry’s mouth stretched into a wide grin. “Nope.” Henry took another sip […]

WIP 7 Lines – Keeping Love Alive

WIP 7 Lines – Keeping Lo..

Keeping Love Alive by: Reina Torres Prologue “So it’s true?” Signy froze, her hands hovering just over the keyboard before she looked up and saw her worst nightmare. “Sean, I-” “You’re working here?” She followed his hard gaze and looked around the room. It looked like any number of offices, four-foot walled cubicles, the droning […]

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

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Q from Linda B. : How do you write such good books? A: I’m not sure which aspect you’re asking about, so I’ll try to cover the basics. I’d like to think that all of the years spent writing stories for myself and my friends have paid off. Add in a bunch of reading about […]