Month: June 2018

Up In The Air: Nigel Can’t Pass up a Chance to Climb to the Top

Up In The Air: Nigel Can’..

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But where were the others; didn’t they want to see the amazing things Professor Al-Mhud had told him about? Eudora swiped at the long strings of spittle on her face with a handkerchief that she swore would never come clean. “Goodness, Windel!” She tried to fell him with an angry glare. “Why ever did you […]

Up in the Air: “Good Gad, Nigel”

Up in the Air: “Good Gad..

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Waiting for the gas bag to be refilled… “Good Gad, Nigel, the old man can certainly eat his share and then some.” Nodding, Nigel leaned a bit closer to Windel so that even the porters standing guard behind them couldn’t hear. “Careful, I heard his hearing is even better than his appetite.” They watched in […]

Reworking books can feel like Recycling

Reworking books can feel like ..

With the closing of Kindle Worlds coming up in July, many of the KW authors are working on revamping the stories that will be republished without the connection to the original CANON material.  Besides renaming the characters, which can be a struggle on its own, there’s also the matter of introducing the characters that you’ve […]

Before Romance…

Before Romance…

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My first Kindle Worlds story was “Carried Away” – which ended up in the Foreworld Saga of stories and was based on a series of Graphic Novels called Suffrajitsu – about Jiujitsu trained female bodyguards of the Suffrage movement… I was the one female author in the group selected to write, it was hard to […]

Voice – the Everlasting Search

Voice – the Everlasting ..

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When you walk into a museum or a gallery and see a painting, sometimes you can just ‘tell’ who painted it. Blurred strokes, waterlilies, dreamy colors… Monet, right? (We have this painting here in Honolulu) Stars, watered-down images, directional brush strokes… Van Gogh? You got it! But, that’s not ‘just’ it. Artists go through their […]

Position & Positioning – Let’s talk about…

Position & Positioning &#..

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Position and Positioning First of all, apologies to the Sherman Brothers for using their song title for a title, but it fits, if only in it’s surface.  The original song is in their 1976 Movie version of the Cinderella story and talks about class and rank in a feudal society… But me? Umm… I’m going […]

Navigating the ‘Muse’-fields

Navigating the ‘MuseR..

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“You know, if I just had some time, I could write a book.” That’s one I’ve hear a number of times. And it’s true. Given a little time, you could write a book. That’s how I do it. Take time + Dedication + Pressure + Deadlines + Anxiety…. there’s a lot of things that go into a book/novella/novel. For […]

The Cosmic Cork

The Cosmic Cork

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The Cosmic Cork. I know what you’re thinking… What? Wait, what?But let’s roll with it, okay? A long time ago in a fandom far away, I ran a website that was an “Oral History” for actors, crew, and fans that were there on set. People would share pictures and first hand stories about the TV […]