Title: SLATE
Series: Warriors #3
Release Date: 03/14/23
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They volunteered to serve their country, but greed and rogue science turned them into enhanced warriors. Now they must use their powers to stay alive... and free.


Maxwell Mayhew had a memory that was legendary. He joined the military straight from graduation from MIT ready to put his mind to work in service of his country.

The experiments had a staggering effect. Maxwell’s mind could reach out and wipe thoughts from someone else’s head. That kind of power made him uncomfortable in so many ways.

He had no control over how long the memory wipe would last or if they would recover the moments he’d taken from them.

Danica Weller lived alone and liked it that way. At least she told herself that she did. A traumatic brain injury that she’d suffered as a child made it impossible to keep memories for a predictable amount of time.

She had to work at it because there was no way of telling when her mind would simply wipe itself clean and she had to start over.

With Max, she suddenly wanted to remember every minute. Things began to change the longer she spent time with him.

But danger was coming.

A man whose ticket out of a maximum security prison was submitting to the same battery of experiments that Slate and the others endured. His orders? Find Slate. Bring him back. They’d prefer alive.

He’d prefer to wipe Slate off the face of the Earth.

Anyone else would run from the danger. Pretend it didn’t exist.

But this was Slate.

And he was a Warrior.


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