Title: SURGE
Series: Warriors #2
Release Date: 01/17/23
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They volunteered to serve their country, but greed and rogue science turned them into enhanced warriors. Now they must use their powers to stay alive... and free.


Theo Nichols could fix anything with circuits. He felt like he could make music with electricity, almost like he could bend it to his will.

The experiments had a shocking effect. It wasn’t just static electricity that could leap from his skin but arcs of power. The trouble was that kind of power didn’t like being controlled. It wanted to be free. It wanted to rage out of control.

He had to find a way to harness his power and keep it from lashing out at innocents.

Jini Parsons has never changed the world. She hasn’t managed to inspire anyone or anything. If asked, anyone who met her would struggle to remember anything concrete about her.

When she met Theo, she felt her whole body come alive.

The intensity of their connection scared her, but also drew her out of the shell she’d always shrouded herself in.

But danger was coming.

A man whose ticket out of a maximum security prison was submitting to the same battery of experiments that Surge and the others endured. His orders? Find Surge. Bring him back. They’d prefer alive.

He’d prefer to burn Surge down to dust.

Anyone else would hide from the danger. Retreat from the struggle.

But this was Surge.

And he was a Warrior.


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