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Love – Romance – Books

Aren’t they all the same thing?

Oh, I sure hope so!

I’ve been reading romance books for what seems like forever. When I was a teen, the days that I wasn’t in dance class after school I’d go to the mall to wait for my mom to finish work for the day and my haunt of choice… Waldenbooks. (I think I just showed my age there.)

Whether it was Scottish Lairds, Medieval Knights, Regency Gents, Rough and Tumble Cowboys, or handsome modern Heroes, I loved them all! There was always another hero and heroine to follow through page after page of breathless love!

I really hope that my readers will enjoy some of the same thrills as discover characters to love between the pages of my books.

8 responses to “About Reina

  1. Danni

    Hi Reina. I have just finished reading THE TIGERS INNOCENT BRIDE and had to say thank you for a great read. I loved Paige and Devlin’s story and am looking forward to starting Too Much To Bear next. I hope you have lots of ideas for more stories in Sylvan City!
    Thanks again
    Danni ( Sydney, Australia)

    • Reina

      Danni! Waving from Hawaii to the land Downunder! Thanks so much for your kind words! I hope you’ll enjoy Boone & Willa’s story 😀
      Mahalo – Reina

      PS (I’ll send you an email in a few minutes)

  2. Mahina

    First of all- I’m thrilled that Hawaii made it in one of Susan Stoker’s series!!! I didn’t think I’d like it-the plot or tone-but I did! You linked it up good with what Hawaii is with the people and our families and the military. I always freak out when pidgin is used in books because I don’t know how its being received. This was done well and Mahalo for that. I loved the chapter where Hi’ilani took them to the family get together ; that was so typical and fun because that’s what we do! Too funny her big cousins!!!
    And finally-Mahalo for the glossary; it helps to explain things about our language and our cultural. It was a hint of who we are and if people want to know more-they have to come visit. Me ke aloha pumehana-with warm wishes/aloha…Mahina

    And finally-

  3. Susie Oakes

    Just finished Loving Greystoke’s Heir, I loved it! Of course, I fell in love with Edgar Rice Borroughs’ books 50 years ago.

    • Reina

      Mahalo, Susie!! It was my love of his books that made this book come alive for me… but it’s an homage, but not directly connected 😀

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