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Center City First Responders 3 The Man For Her

Title: The Man For Her
Series: Center City First Responders #3
Release Date: July 6, 2021
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Pages: 246

It took Theo months to meet Irish Healy.

He'd seen her at Ciro's Bar and liked the way she looked. She wore retro clothes, dyed her hair in amazing colors & had curves that he hungered after, but she never seemed to stay long enough for him to start up a conversation.

He had to do it the hard way. After responding to a 911 call that Irish was on. It took a few times to get her to agree to meet him, but he was determined to show her how much fun they could be together.

She was convinced that he was making a mistake. Guys who looked like him, didn't end up with girls like her. Or so she thought, until Theo broke down all kinds of walls and didn't even need his Halligan to do it.

When she struggled to believe in herself, he believed enough for both of them. He was the man for her.


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