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San Antonio First Responders 8 Shelter for Thora

Title: Shelter for Thora
Series: San Antonio First Responder #8
Release Date: July 12, 2022
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Genre: ,
Pages: 220

Thora Almstead feels like she’s at a dead end of options. Lured into a relationship with her former boss, she ends up pregnant and alone. She moves to San Antonio to start a new life, but she finds herself blocked from opportunities and on the verge of living in her car. Desperately trying to do the right thing for her child, she stops at Station Seven to surrender her child to the firefighters there under the Baby Moses Law. A sudden and terrible storm stops her in her tracks and strands her at the firestation where one of the firefighters gives her a glimpse at a ray of hope.

Oliver Quintero the name ‘Rush’ by his fellow firefighters because he’s the one who always looks at the big picture. He’s the overthinker in the group. That was until he met Thora and held her daughter in his arms. Now, he’s driven by instinct and is determined to see that they have every opportunity to stay together, even if that means he needs to take a more personal interest in the mother and baby.

Rush can’t help the connection he feels with Thora and her baby and he falls for her in a rush. And she falls for him too, but Thora worries that the struggle she had in her past might be something they can’t get over… something she can’t escape. Her past appears like a thunderstorm threatening her future. Will Rush’s love be a Shelter for Thora?


ISBN13: 978-1643849966

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