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Delta Force Hawaii 8 A Hero for Mahina

Title: A Hero for Mahina
Series: Delta Force Hawaii #8
Release Date: 08/16/22
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Book 8 of the Delta Force Hawaii Series written by Reina Torres

This series is based in the State of Hawaii and focused on a fictional Delta Force team of strong, dedicated Alpha Heroes and the women who make their lives infinitely better!

Baron & Mahina

Sometimes the ones that fight the hardest fall in love the fastest.

Malcom “Baron” Roth is the one every knows is the prickliest member of the team. He’s harsh, rude, and sometimes downright ornery. And he’s good with that. Protecting yourself is easy when no one gets too close. He’s seen all of his teammates, hell, even their commander, fall victim to the fairer sex. Oh, he doesn’t have anything against the women. They’re all perfectly great, on their own, and with their men. But he’s not going to fall into that trap. Nope. Not happening.

Mahina Yoshino is a driven woman. She puts everything into her passion. Wildlife. Growing up in Hawaii, she’s always been surrounded by natural beauty. If she could live in a treehouse, she’d jump at the chance. Anything to be closer to what she loves. That’s why she’s spending her nights camping out at a wildlife preserve. She’s seen evidence of trespassers at night. Nests and eggs crushed. Even some of the birds have been cruelly killed.

She finds out quickly enough that she’s not dealing with destructive kids, she’s dealing with a criminal element that doesn’t like being watched. When they have her on the run, she runs right into a man she’s been trying to avoid. The darkly handsome Army soldier who she’s seen… everywhere.

There’s an evil in the air that surrounds them. A criminal mastermind who seems to be everywhere that the Delta Team has been in Hawaii. He’s taken a special interest in this woman and no one is prepared for what that might cost the Deltas and their ever-growing circle of loved ones.

Baron’s beyond the point of protecting himself. He needs to protect Mahina like she’s his moon, constantly pulled in her direction. When she’s taken from him, he’ll move heaven and earth to prove that he’s a Hero for Mahina.


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