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St. Raphael, CA – Town Map



St. Raphael, CA skirts along the edge of the Napa Valley in Northern California – This quaint small town, founded in 1876, is the heart and soul of the residents… Whether you love Wineries, Locally Grown and Processed Olive Oil, Heritage Festivals, or maybe some adorable stores with all kinds of amazing products for sale, you’ll never tire of wandering the streets of St. Raphael.

When the founding families of the town gathered to incorporate back in the late 1800s, there was quite a bit of discussion about what official name to give to the lovely agricultural area full of amazing natural beauty and rich, fertile soil. Many wanted to name the town after one of the founding families. Some wanted to name the town after a particular industry or agricultural gem of the area. For some time, people despaired of ever finding the ‘right’ name for their home.

Legend has it that a young couple, traveling for months in search of a place to begin their family farm and raise their children, stumbled upon  the gathering. The young woman was large with child and in desperate need of assistance as her time was upon her. The women gathered to give her aid and the men continued to argue about their own pressing concerns. The young husband and father to be sat apart from the gathering, his head bent in prayer.

As the first energetic cries of his son split the air he looked up from his prayers and thanked St. Raphael. He explained to those who were curious that St. Raphael was the answer to his prayers. The Patron Saint of Travelers, Happy Meetings, Healing and Marriage, St. Raphael was a Saint who proved most useful to the young man and his family.

Not only did the young couple name their son in honor of the Saint, the Town Founders adopted the name for the town as well.

Since then, St. Raphael has only known love and prosperity… and there’s always more room for love…

Welcome to St. Raphael, CA – Nestled in the rich fertile land of the Napa Valley,

a hop to and from San Francisco and Sacramento, you’ll find friends for life

and more than a little love growing amongst the vines and orchards.

Santini Family –

Nonna Velia Santini – the Matriarch of her family and the woman at the helm of their home grown olive oil business

Lorenzo Santini – the eldest brother who lives in Los Angeles and runs the Santini Business interests in Southern California

Teodoro Santini  (Finding Home) – the youngest of Velia’s grandsons has returned home to take care of his grandmother and held her run their business interests in Northern California

Mirella Corazza  (Finding Home)  – Creates Historically Accurate Clothing and wedding gowns, Owns and Operates Educational events at St. Raphael Heritage Gardens

Vincenzo Family –

Nico Vincenzo – Longtime employee of (?) and Owner & Cultivator of Vincenzo Olive Oil

Stella Vincenzo (Healing Hearts) – Nico’s daughter

Ogilvie Family –

Lauren Ogilvie – Owns and operates Sweet Nothings – the local Lingerie Boutique

London Agostino – Lauren’s granddaughter – will soon be running Sweet Nothings – married to Bruce Agostino

Will Ogilvie – Lauren’s grandson and London’s cousin – firefighter

Firefighters –

Chief Gonzalo Cruz

Captain Jackson Caffrey (Playing With Fire) –

Carter Caffrey – Jackson’s son

Samuel Warren–

Padgett Sanderson–

Will Ogilvie –

Belmonte Family – One of the Two biggest Wine Dynasties in St. Raphael

Isabel ‘Isa’ – Belmonte Matriarch

Wade Belmonte – Eldest grandson of Isabel

Rachel Belmonte – Wade’s Wife

Rebecca – Wade & Rachel’s eldest daughter

Maggie – Wade & Rachel’s youngest daughter

Daniel Belmonte – Second grandson of Isabel

Giulia ‘Lia’ Agostino Belmonte – Daniel’s wife

Jason Belmonte – Third grandson of Isabel – Owner and operator of Raphaela Hotel

Mavis Belmonte – Jason’s wife, half-owner and operator of the Sugar & Spice Bistro

Tyler Belmonte – Fourth grandson of Isabel – business manager for Belmonte Family Winery

Janey Belmonte – Tyler’s wife – Owner of the Red Shoes Dance Studio

Bailey – Tyler & Janey’s son

Jennifer ‘Jenny’ Belmonte Ford – Youngest of Isabel’s grandchildren – Married to Hank Ford

Hand “Two By” Ford – Jenny’s husband – owns and runs Ford Construction with her.

Taylor Engel (Taking a Chance)  – Assistant to Wade and Belmonte Vineyards

Jenna Engel – Taylor’s daughter

Agostino Family  – the other main Winery family in St. Raphael

Jake Agostino – Eldest of the siblings

Lila Agostino – Jake’s wife and resident animal maven – she’ll find any animal a home including her own

Bruce Agostino – Middle sibling – married to London Ogilvie Agostino

Darren Agostino – Youngest of the three brothers – JOB

Cicely Bristol – fiancé of Darren – owner and head chef of Croque & Crumpets, a popular food truck in St. Raphael

Brooke Bristol – Cicely’s younger sister

Flora Agostino – Paternal Aunt of the Agostino brothers

Malone Family

Wallace Malone – Owner of Malone’s Meals & Mufflers

Grayson Malone (Healing Hearts) – Grandson of Wallace – Ex- Military Para Jumper – Physical Therapist

Other St. Raphael denizens –

Moira Lundin – Town Busybody – if you need to know what’s going on in St. Raphael, check out Moira’s Facebook and Youtube channel

Selma Rossi – Mother of Mavis Belmonte and the other owner of the Sugar & Spice Bistro

Mr. Coleman – a veteran of WWII living at the St. Raphael Senior Home

Lars & Patty Williams – owners of Williams Hardware

Mrs. Vosen – Librarian at H. Washburn Library

Sal – Owner and Head Bartender at The Tap

Bixby & Janice Landy – own and operate Landy’s Meats & Market

Caroline Franzen – Celebrity Chef from Los Angels

Mr. Lee – Former Post Master of St. Raphael


The St. Raphael, CA series will begin to release in July 2018 –