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A Hero for Tehani

Title: A Hero for Tehani
Series: Delta Force Hawaii #7
Release Date: 05/17/22
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Book 7 of the Delta Force Hawaii Series written by Reina Torres

This series is based in the State of Hawaii and focused on a fictional Delta Force team of strong, dedicated Alpha Heroes and the women who make their lives infinitely better!

Boss & Tehani

Fate and cupid can be cruel taskmasters. But they can also be jokesters in their own way.

Devon “Boss” Boseman is the latest addition to Delta Force Hawaii. He knew it was going to be difficult to replace one of the team. Being in Special Forces has been something he’s worked for, even before joining the Army. He never expected to join a team that would be mourning one of their closest friends. He has that weight on his shoulders and the push of his family to build a family of his own.

But Devon is the BOSS of his own life. He’ll do things on his timetable.

Tehani Teva is a young woman who has worked for a living for as long as she can remember. Having no real family of her own, she strives to make a connection to her culture through her dance. But there is only so much time that she can devote to it because she works for a local airline as a flight attendant.

An unruly and out of control passenger makes what should be a normal flight into a fright and stepping in to help her out of a bind is a devastatingly handsome passenger who shows the handsy man who’s the boss in that situation.

Their lives have been thrown together by turbulence in the air, but their attraction soon becomes a love that they didn’t expect. And, as things in her professional life take a turn for the worst, Boss will need to step up and show that he’s a Hero for Tehani.


ISBN13: 978-1958537381

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