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San Antonio First Responders 3 Shelter for Viviana

Title: Shelter for Viviana
Series: San Antonio First Responder #3
Release Date: November 12, 2019
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Pages: 248

When Ethan Blaise became Fire Chief at Station Seven, he set aside any ideas of having a relationship outside of work, let alone marrying and starting a family. He had one at the station house. While attending the wedding of one of his own firefighters, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the woman catering the event. Warm and giving, she calls to a part of his soul that has been dormant for too long.

Making and keeping a date isn’t easy when you’re on call at all hours of the day for emergencies, but he’s determined to try because she’s everything he’s ever wanted and never knew to ask for. Falling for her is only too easy, having a relationship? Well, that’s hard.

Viviana Martenz has shouldered burdens alone for so many years. Raising her daughter on her own and struggling to make ends meet, she’s never stopped giving to others in honor of those who have helped her along the way. Becoming a caterer was an accomplishment supported by so many friends along the way and she’s determined to make it work. There’s no time or need for anything else, until she meets Ethan. In one amazing man, she finds a silver fox with a heart of gold.

Even with their crazy schedules keeping them apart, they find whatever time they can to see each other, building on the connection they feel.

When a part of Viviana’s past pushes back into her life, will Ethan be the rock she can lean on? Can Ethan get past her determination to conquer obstacles alone?

Don’t bet on the Chief of Station Seven to remain a bachelor for long. Not when his heart and soul have given Shelter for Viviana.

ISBN13: 978-1643841601

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