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San Antonio First Responders – Books 1 to 3

Title: San Antonio First Responders Box Set: 1
Series: San Antonio First Responder #20
Release Date: December 15, 2019
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Pages: 596

Get the first three books in Torres' San Antonio First Responders series all in one place!

As a Special Agent for the FBI, Vicente Bravo was treated to a front row seat to see how those ‘with’ have an easier shake than those without. Instead of letting it shake his convictions, he’s worked hard to even the odds and make sure that Justice is blind to more than color, it’s also the size of their bank accounts and social status.

Sloane King ticked all his boxes. Born a Texas Princess with money and beauty to spare, she didn’t want for anything… at least from what he could see. Debutante turned charity maven, everyone sings her praises, until someone wants her dead. Charged with keeping Sloane alive until the threat to her is neutralized, Vicente finds himself up to his neck in contradictions, including how much he wants more than just a few breathless moments with the feisty woman who challenges everything he’s come to believe about the world around him. 

As the search for the source of danger comes to a head, it will take the combined resources of San Antonio’s best first responders to protect and save the woman he’s come to love. Will that be enough?

Texas Game Wardens don’t just protect the natural resources of the Lone Star State, they protect the people as well. Trace Carson considers every warden as more than just fellow officers, they’re family.

Especially, Miranda Jimenez. She’d gone through the academy when he was on staff, and he was her first in-field training officer. He’d worked side by side with her and knew that her dedication to upholding the laws of Texas was second only to caring for wild animals and natural resources.

When she decided to leave her job as a game warden to open a wild animal rehabilitation it made perfect sense, but he couldn’t explain the sudden ache he felt at the thought of her leaving. It wasn’t going to be out of sight, out of mind, because he went to her ‘retirement’ party and he kissed her, changing everything.

When her connection with Trace puts Miranda’s life in danger, the law enforcement community in San Antonio pulls together to get her back where she belongs… in Trace’s arms. Will they find her in time to save her and get Justice for Miranda?


When Ethan Blaise became Fire Chief at Station Seven, he set aside any ideas of having a relationship outside of work, let alone marrying and starting a family. While attending the wedding of one of his own firefighters, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the woman catering the event.

Viviana Martenz has shouldered burdens alone for so many years. Raising her daughter on her own and struggling to make ends meet, she’s never stopped giving to others in honor of those who have helped her along the way. Becoming a caterer was an accomplishment supported by so many friends along the way and she’s determined to make it work. There’s no time or need for anything else, until she meets Ethan. In one amazing man, she finds a silver fox with a heart of gold.

When a part of Viviana’s past pushes back into her life, will Ethan be the rock she can lean on? Can Ethan get past her determination to conquer obstacles alone?


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