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Mystic Mountain: Locke

Title: Locke
Series: Mystic Mountain #3
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Home is where the Heart is… She was his heart and he’d never let her go.

They say it’s the little things that make a house a home, but for Locke Ascher it was one single thing. His first breath of air in Mystic. It wasn’t just the fresh air of the quiet mountain town. It was the scent of shifters in the air. His whole life had been spent in a town composed solely of Lion shifters and that’s how it was going to stay. But, Locke wanted more. Moving to Mystic was just the start of his new life.

Katherine Lincoln was on her first grand adventure. She knew that moving to Mystic was going to be an eye-opening experience, but the man who came to give her the keys to her new shop was drop dead gorgeous. So what if he could turn furry with fangs and his roar shook the windows, he says he belongs to her and she belongs to him. Heaven help her, but she’s willing to buy into the fantasy. Why not? What could she lose?

Well, when you’re ‘all in’ with something, you suddenly have everything to lose. And Locke’s past comes knocking on his door and threatens everything they’ve found together. What steps are they willing to take to get what they both want? A Happy Ever After.


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