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Delta Force Hawaii 6 A Hero for Lilinoe

Title: A Hero for Lilinoe
Series: Delta Force Hawaii #6
Release Date: 03/22/22
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Book 6 of the Delta Force Hawaii Series written by Reina Torres

This series is based in the State of Hawaii and focused on a fictional Delta Force team of strong, dedicated Alpha Heroes and the women who make their lives infinitely better!

Shado & Lilinoe

When the pressures of life are trying to smother all traces of hope, having someone to lean on, someone to support you and give you love can make all the difference.

Daniel “Shado” Shimizu has a secret. He’s been falling in love and none of his team knows about it. Meeting Lilinoe turned his world upside down, but unlike his other teammates who’d fallen for their women and went blissfully on their way, he’s hesitant. Not about love, he’s head over heels for the beautiful woman, but she’s tied to the Big Island and he’s a military man. How would this work?

Lilinoe Keahi knows she’s going crazy. With all the stress her family is under, how could she find herself falling for a soldier stationed on Oahu? That was crazy talk. It shouldn’t matter that his smile makes her breathless and his kiss? She didn’t have time or the energy to fall in love at all. Her family’s farm is in jeopardy, and it’s going to take a miracle to save it, but Shado makes her feel like miracle’s aren’t all that impossible to find.

Bad news turns to worse as Lilinoe and her family are being threatened by men who seem to have all the power and none of the rules apply to them. It’s going to come as a shock when those men run up against one pissed off Delta and his friends. Will Shado be A Hero for Lilinoe?


ISBN13: 979-8442626384

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