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Delta Force Hawaii 5 A Hero for Samira

Title: A Hero for Samira
Series: Delta Force Hawaii #5
Release Date: November 30, 2021
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This series is based in the State of Hawaii and focused on a fictional Delta Force team of strong, dedicated Alpha Heroes and the women who make their lives infinitely better!

A Hero for Samira

Samira Ioane is the heart of her family. Raising two children on her own wasn’t ever her plan, but life happens, and she knows how to lean into the wind and keep moving forward. Now with her youngest in high school, there are new problems she never expected, but instead of facing them alone, she finds herself with an ally and… a friend in another parent at the school.

Commander Anthony Chastain has trained his men well. His Delta Team is top notch and as much of his family as he’s ever had. Now, he’s taking on the responsibly of raising a teenage boy and struggling with the new responsibilities. Called to the high school to discuss an ‘issue’ he finds himself seeking the assistance and the company of a widow whose very smile makes him want what some of his Delta’s have found: Love, Happiness, and a Future he’d never dreamed could be his.

As their loved ones face ever increasing pressure, Anthony and Samira find themselves struggling to make everything in their lives work and navigate a new romance at the same time. Pressures and stress could easily drive people apart, but maybe the two have come to a time in their lives when they know what really matters in the big scheme of things.

Commander Chastain discovers just how strong Deltas can be on the home front in a brand-new kind of mission to be A Hero for Samira.


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