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Q & A with Marina Adair – St. Helena Vineyard

Q: Where did the idea for the St. Helena Vineyard Series come from?

Marina: When I was in grammar school I had a babysitter who was the only girl in an Italian family of seven. Her brothers were 100% alpha, extremely over protective, and, since they beat the crap out of anyone who looked twice at her, made dating virtually impossible. When I decided to place my series in the Napa Valley I knew that I wanted the family to be Italian, so I came up with the DeLucas: a big, loud Italian family who are always in each other’s business and, even though they irritate the hell out of one another, are fiercely loyal.

Q: The series has captured the hearts and imaginations of so many readers, what do you think made your series resonate so well with them?

Marina: When I set out to write this series, I wanted the town and its people to be just as alive as the main characters. So I put a lot of creativity into creating this quaint, romantic, and quirky town that people wouldn’t just want to visit—they’d want to live.

Q: Opening up your world to other authors must be both exciting and worrisome at the same time. What were you hoping to happen with KW and your St. Helena Series?

Marina: There were so many secondary characters who deserve to have their stories told, characters who readers constantly ask for their HEA. Through Kindle Worlds, other authors can come in and tell their story.

Q: Kindle Worlds is a licensed fan-fiction platform for writers and readers to enjoy more stories from their favorite authors and meet new ones. 
What kind of experience are you hoping fans of your series will have with books created for your St. Helena Vineyards Kindle World?

Marina: Now that my part of the series is over, KW gives readers a chance to go back and visit their favorite characters and town, and even meet some new ones along the way. I am excited to see what other authors bring to the town…and see just how well Frankie deals with motherhood

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June 5, 2017



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