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Falling for Joshua

Title: Falling for Joshua
Series: The Armstrong Men #1
Release Date: March 14, 2023
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Genre: , , ,
Pages: 244

There aren’t many people who understand that sometimes you have to burn something down to build it back up again.

Avalon Harper has always had a mythical name, but her skills and interests have always been very concrete. She’s been the popular host of a TV home renovation show but the demands of the network and fans have soured her on fame, but not the work. She’s come to Fallport to renovate one last house.

Her own. As a young teen she’d lost her parents and been forced to live with a horrible aunt, but now she’s back and hopes that one person might still live in town, her childhood sweetheart, Joshua Armstrong.

Joshua Armstrong isn’t just the head of the local fire department, he’s become an expert in forest fires, because a wildfire almost killed the girl he loved. On a routine training he finds an old friend in the woods, Avalon.

In that moment, she took his breath away, with a two-by-four.

Avalon is horrified. The last person she’d want to hurt is Joshua.

Disasters had dealt her blow after blow, but Avalon hoped she’d finally found a place to rest.

Falling for Joshua.


ISBN13: 978-1643848532