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Big ‘N Burly: Inked by the Dad Bod

Title: Inked by the Dad Bod
Series: Big 'N Burly #4
Release Date: August 1, 2023
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It's hard to predict what brings two people together. Layla and Vincent are two who find themselves drawn together with the inevitable pull of magnetism. Are they a pair of opposites drawn together in a perfect match, or are they too much alike to be together?

Vincent Kane never really considered himself a tattoo artist. He found himself drawn to the craft for its own merits. The artistry was a product of his mind, his building business to his hard work and determination.

After a few years as a partner in their current shop, Vincent finds himself disillusioned by his partner and inextricably drawn to his partner's apprentice. How will he straighten the tangle he's made of his life? Especially when he can't seem to keep his thoughts off of his partner's gorgeous apprentice.
Layla Webber found a position as an apprentice at Ink Envy, but she's worried that she'd out of her element. Artist 'Hannibal' Baldwin is talented, but he also makes her skin crawl.

He doesn't seem to be as interested in helping her develop the skills of her hands as he wants to get his hands on her. If only he was like this partner, Vincent. Layla can't keep her mind off of the other artist who headlines the shop. He features in her dreams both night and day.
Life seems to throw them together over and over, but there's a tall and oh-so-handsy obstacle between them. What will it take for Vincent and Layla to find that they can create more than art? They could create a lifetime of beauty... together?

Layla may find herself Inked by the Dad Bod.


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