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Western Historicals – Receipt vs Recipe

Forgive the Quality of the Image I wasn’t going to break the spine

Let’s get this straight – I LOVE HISTORICAL ROMANCE

Heck, I love History – When I decided to get my degree in Costume Design and Construction it was because of my love of history.. and pretty clothes… and fabric… and well, the list goes on…

Add to that my love of period pictures and magazines and books and.. yeah, I’m a little… obsessed with the past.

In my Western Historical books, when I talk about cooking I use the word RECEIPTS and I invariably get an email or message asking me if I mean RECIPE and the answer is YES and NO… because in my ladies magazines from the era (1800s) they would refer to cooking recipes as receipts… 

I love learning new things and this is something that I learned back when I was a Civil War Re-enactor and started collecting these books.

January 27, 2019



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