Where Are We?

Posted January 27, 2019 by Reina in Bower Colorado, Contemporary, Historical, Law Enforcement, Old West, Orsino Security, Paranormal, Shapshifter, Small Town, St. Raphael CA, Sweet, Sylvan City Alphas, Three Rivers Express / 2 Comments

When I was writing short form Steampunk, Paranormal, etc. I had a map on my website of where my stories were set…

So, why not have one here?

1 St. Raphael, CA – Contemporary Romance with Heat
2 Ellingsford, MT – Sweet Historical Western
3 Orsino Security – Paranormal Bear Shifters
4 Three Rivers Express – Sweet Historical Western
5 Bower, CO – Sweet Historical Western
6 Sylvan City Alphas – Paranormal Shifters

A Beneath the Surface – Paranormal Bear Shifter
B Justice for Sloane – Contemporary Law Enforcement with Heat
C A Dance for Christmas – Contemporary Sweet

As other books and series are added to my library, I’ll add them and repost the Map –

Where would you like me to set a book/series?

2 responses to “Where Are We?

    • Reina

      I am… working on it… Planning on releasing a book set in Hawaii in March for Susan Stoker’s Aces Press –

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