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Big ‘N Burly: Hidden by the Dad Bod

Title: Big 'N Burly: Hidden by the Dad Bod
Series: Big 'N Burly #5
Release Date: December 5, 2023
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Genre: , , , ,
Pages: 124

Amos Kane
He was forced to retire early as a U.S. Marshal when he lost a witness and nearly his life. Since that time, he's been happy, well 'relatively' happy to hunker down in the woods by his lonesome.
No one needs to deal with his anger and disappointment.
A WITSEC marshal shows up and leaves a witness on his doorstep before speeding off to catch a suspect.
He wasn't even given the chance to say no and try as hard as he can to keep his distance he finds himself drawn to her. Damn it.

April Reynolds
April's life was simple and easy until that morning. Going through the motions until she's a witness to a double murder.
Shoved into a car, a federal agent takes her into the woods and drops her off at a cabin owned by the grumpiest man she'd ever seen.
Too bad he was also the most attractive man she'd ever met. Shoot and double shoot.

April isn't used to hiding away from the world. She's a people person, but the cabin tucked away in the woods and its own have their own charm. She's just not sure things will work out Hidden by the Dad Bod


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