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Big ‘N Burly: Claimed by the Dad Bod

Title: Claimed by the Dad Bod
Series: Big 'N Burly #2
Release Date: January 24, 2023
Buy the Book: Amazon
Pages: 109

Everything Nathaniel Sterling had in his life he worked for. He had friends and employees who he cared about, but no one to come home to. He had a friend with benefits. No, scratch that. She wasn’t all that friendly and lately the benefits… weren’t all that great either.

Who would’ve guessed that he’d meet the love of his life over a box full of neon-bright condoms?

Evelyn Connors has had a string of bad luck since she moved away from Heaven, Oklahoma. Her latest job is for a horrible jerk of a boss, and she manages to white-knuckle her way through every shift. Who knew that a man would walk in one night and steal her breath with his kindness and the easy way they could talk to each other.

Eve had no idea that the spark she felt with Nathaniel would come back to burn her. The woman he came in with wasn’t ready to let Nathaniel go and she didn’t care who got in the way of her plan to claw him back.

Nathaniel knows who he wants. Eve.
He just needs to show her that forever can start with a moment, and he’ll pull out all the stops to do it. Eve is going to find out that she’s been claimed. And Nathaniel is playing for keeps.


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