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  • Reina’s Amazon Top Ten – 01/17/2021

    My Top 10 on Amazon (01/17/2021) www.amazon.com/author/reinatorresromance


    Sanguine Scent  https://tinyurl.com/Reina-SS
    1001 Dark Nights Anthology  https://tinyurl.com/Reina-1001
    Magically Ever After (release 2/23)  https://tinyurl.com/Reina-CF
    Sultry Shifter Nights (release 4/12)  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08QW45P3R/
    Shelter for Aylin  https://tinyurl.com/Reina-SAFR06
    Her Rock (release 2/9)  https://tinyurl.com/Reina-CCFR02
    Justice for Blyss https://tinyurl.com/Reina-SAFR05
    Justice for…

  • Reina’s Amazon Top Ten – 01/10/2021

    My Top 10 on Amazon (01/10/2021) www.amazon.com/author/reinatorresromance


    Sanguine Scent  https://tinyurl.com/Reina-SS

    1001 Dark Nights Anthology  https://tinyurl.com/Reina-1001

    Magically Ever After (release 2/23)  https://tinyurl.com/Reina-CF

    Sultry Shifter Nights (release 4/12)  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08QW45P3R/

    Her Rock…

  • Six Sentence Sunday: Turnabout


    Title: Turnabout

    by: Reina Torres

    “…You’re making it sound like a death sentence.”

    “That was always a possibility for me.” He smiled and it reminded me of…