Where Are We? – Update

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When I was writing short form Steampunk, Paranormal, etc. I had a map on my website of where my stories were set…

So, why not have one here?

Red – Series * Blue – Single Title (for now) * Yellow – Upcoming

1 St. Raphael, CA – Contemporary Romance with Heat
2 Ellingsford, MT – Sweet Historical Western
3 Orsino Security – Paranormal Bear Shifters
4 Three Rivers Express – Sweet Historical Western
5 Bower, CO – Sweet Historical Western
6 Sylvan City Alphas – Paranormal Shifters
7 Upcoming – Center City First Responders – Contemporary

A Beneath the Surface – Paranormal Bear Shifter
B Justice for Sloane – Contemporary Law Enforcement with Heat
C A Dance for Christmas – Contemporary Sweet
D Rescuing Hi’ilani – Contemporary Military

As other books and series are added to my library, I’ll add them and repost the Map –

Where would you like me to set a book/series?

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