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Series – Sylvan City Alphas

Sylvan City Alphas comes at a time the world where shifters were like “Fight Club” – if you knew they existed, you didn’t say anything.
But an attempt on the Mayor of Sylvan City threatens the life of his daughter (Paige Lundin – the heroine of book 1), a local police officer leaps into action to save the young woman, only to reveal himself… as a shifter.
As the town of Sylvan City, its lawmakers, and enforcers struggle to deal with the constantly evolving populace of Sylvan City, Shape Shifter now have to deal with their sudden place in the public spotlight. Will the notoriety of Sylvan City help them find their mates? Or will they struggle to find their Happy Ever Afters?

Well, you know they’re going to have to work for it! It can’t be all that easy! Can it?

December 16, 2017



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