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Six Sentence Sunday: The Fighter


Title: The Fighter
by: Reina Torres

It would have been easy to joke with her about it, he wasn’t a man that found sex something he had to hide or pretend not to like. And the feeling of Maggie’s luscious form pressed up against his front was a sinful delight. As he stood there he leaned back enough to whisper into her ear. “You should go inside, Maggie,” he felt her tremble even more against him, “or I might think you’re trembling because of me. And then we’ll really be in trouble.”
He felt her sway forward and then she stopped and settled back against him.
She turned her head slightly in his direction, but he wasn’t sure if she really saw him, or if she was only pretending to look. “What kind of trouble?”

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February 26, 2018



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