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Always, Ellis – Released!

The Three Rivers Express Series started last year (2017) with alternate books written by myself and author Nan O’Berry. I started in the Spring with “Always, Ransom” and then the fall with “Always, Wyeth,” and now, my last book in the series, “Always, Ellis” is the second to the last book in the series.

We started the series as an homage to the Pony Express… and that exciting venture encompassed eighteen months – 1 book for each season…

All of the books are Sweet Western Historical books, meaning that the most ‘heat’ that you’d find in them would be from campfires or cookstoves. If you enjoyed “Little House” or “Dr. Quinn” on tv, this would be something you’d enjoy.

Being my last story, I decided to tackle the idea that my hero’s past was going to be a bit of a problem. Ellis has been to prison. Roped into a crime, he spent several years locked away and was looking for a new start and a bit of redemption. He finds that hope in Virginia, the daughter of the new lawman who has just moved to town.

I’m very excited to share this story with the readers… I feel like Ellis deserves his HEA and that Virginia is just the perfect woman to make him happy and complete.

If you are interested in a copy… click on the image here on this page or the AMAZON link just below… and you’ll be redirected to the page for the book.




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