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New Release! Bring it on Home

New Release 5/14/23! Bring it on Home!

She needed a housemate to share expenses. He needed a place to stay between deployments. Who knew they’d make a home together?

Magnus “Monk” Nyman was a man with a plan. Serve his country and explore the world. Stationed in Hawaii, he needed an address, but he wouldn’t be home much. When his best friend mentioned his sister needed someone to rent a room, Magnus offered to help.

Isla Jennings was relieved when her brother’s friend rented a room. She knew she was safe and she didn’t have to worry so much about making ends meet. She knew Magnus would not be around much. How would she know that she was going to miss him?

He kept waiting for the day when she’d tell him he couldn’t stay anymore. How would he survive without her?
She kept waiting for him to say he was moving on, but how would her heart survive it?

How would they figure out where they both truly belonged?



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