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Six Sentence Sunday – Turn About

“The problem is that you’re both playing a game that started over a year ago.” She let go of the king she’d held between her fingers and it hit the desk with a click and roll that ended with the piece cracking on the floor beneath his desk. “The two of you think you’re on opposite sides,” her lips cracked into a tight smile, “and maybe you are in a way, but you’re both blind to the most important thing.”

He knew she was waiting for him to snap at her, but he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction.  “What thing?”

Leaning forward in the chair, she picked up another piece and set it smack dab in the center of the chess board before she sat back and showed him the cold smile on her lips. “You’re both playing with the same queen.”

*note – the ‘image’ is just a placeholder – I wish I could have Gabriel Macht on a cover of mine*

January 27, 2018



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