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St. Raphael, CA: What’s Where – and – Who’s Who

St. Raphael, CA – is a set of Contemporary Small Town Romance books –

You’d like with a small town, it would be easy to figure out WHERE people are… and Who is WHO –

Are you curious about the places mentioned in the book? Who are these people…

Below, you’ll find an image that will give you a feel for the ‘downtown’ area of St. Raphael, CA

and below THAT, you’ll find a listing of the people you’ll meet and spend time with when you visit St. Raphael, CA

Welcome to St. Raphael, CA – Nestled in the rich fertile land of the Napa Valley,

a hop to and from San Francisco and Sacramento, you’ll find friends for life

and more than a little love growing amongst the vines and orchards.

Santini Family –

Nonna Velia Santini – the Matriarch of her family and the woman at the helm of their home grown olive oil business

Lorenzo Santini – the eldest brother who lives in Los Angeles and runs the Santini Business interests in Southern California

Teodoro Santini  (Finding Home) – the youngest of Velia’s grandsons has returned home to take care of his grandmother and held her run their business interests in Northern California

Mirella Corazza  (Finding Home)  – Creates Historically Accurate Clothing and wedding gowns, Owns and Operates Educational events at St. Raphael Heritage Gardens

Vincenzo Family

Nico Vincenzo – Longtime employee of (?) and Owner & Cultivator of Vincenzo Olive Oil

Stella Vincenzo (Healing Hearts) – Nico’s daughter

Ogilvie Family

Lauren Ogilvie – Owns and operates Sweet Nothings – the local Lingerie Boutique

London Agostino – Lauren’s granddaughter – will soon be running Sweet Nothings – married to Bruce Agostino

Will Ogilvie – Lauren’s grandson and London’s cousin – firefighter


Chief Gonzalo Cruz

Captain Jackson Caffrey (Playing With Fire) –

Carter Caffrey – Jackson’s son

Samuel Warren–

Padgett Sanderson–

Will Ogilvie –

Belmonte Family – One of the Two biggest Wine Dynasties in St. Raphael

Isabel ‘Isa’ – Belmonte Matriarch

Wade Belmonte – Eldest grandson of Isabel

Rachel Belmonte – Wade’s Wife

Rebecca – Wade & Rachel’s eldest daughter

Maggie – Wade & Rachel’s youngest daughter

Daniel Belmonte – Second grandson of Isabel

Giulia ‘Lia’ Agostino Belmonte – Daniel’s wife

Jason Belmonte – Third grandson of Isabel – Owner and operator of Raphaela Hotel

Mavis Belmonte – Jason’s wife, half-owner and operator of the Sugar & Spice Bistro

Tyler Belmonte – Fourth grandson of Isabel – business manager for Belmonte Family Winery

Janey Belmonte – Tyler’s wife – Owner of the Red Shoes Dance Studio

Bailey – Tyler & Janey’s son

Jennifer ‘Jenny’ Belmonte Ford – Youngest of Isabel’s grandchildren – Married to Hank Ford

Hand “Two By” Ford – Jenny’s husband – owns and runs Ford Construction with her.

Taylor Engel (Taking a Chance)  – Assistant to Wade and Belmonte Vineyards

Jenna Engel – Taylor’s daughter

Agostino Family  – the other main Winery family in St. Raphael

Jake Agostino – Eldest of the siblings

Lila Agostino – Jake’s wife and resident animal maven – she’ll find any animal a home including her own

Bruce Agostino – Middle sibling – married to London Ogilvie Agostino

Darren Agostino – Youngest of the three brothers – JOB

Cicely Bristol – fiancé of Darren – owner and head chef of Croque & Crumpets, a popular food truck in St. Raphael

Brooke Bristol – Cicely’s younger sister

Flora Agostino – Paternal Aunt of the Agostino brothers

Malone Family

Wallace Malone – Owner of Malone’s Meals & Mufflers

Grayson Malone (Healing Hearts) – Grandson of Wallace – Ex- Military Para Jumper – Physical Therapist

Other St. Raphael denizens

Moira Lundin – Town Busybody – if you need to know what’s going on in St. Raphael, check out Moira’s Facebook and Youtube channel

Selma Rossi – Mother of Mavis Belmonte and the other owner of the Sugar & Spice Bistro

Mr. Coleman – a veteran of WWII living at the St. Raphael Senior Home

Lars & Patty Williams – owners of Williams Hardware

Mrs. Vosen – Librarian at H. Washburn Library

Sal – Owner and Head Bartender at The Tap

Bixby & Janice Landy – own and operate Landy’s Meats & Market

Caroline Franzen – Celebrity Chef from Los Angels

Mr. Lee – Former Post Master of St. Raphael



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    Bev Sten

    July 13, 2018

    I look forward to these! I love big series! Can’t wait.

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      July 30, 2018

      Thanks, Bev!!


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