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“Rescuing Hi’ilani” – January 2019 – Old Hawaii Theater

Operation Alpha – Susan Stoker – Stoker’s Aces

Coming in January 2019 – Rescuing Hi’ilani – part of Susan Stoker’s Operation Alpha Imprint

This is a first for me. I haven’t set a book in Hawaii and it’s where I live.. so I’m excited to share some of the local beauty with my readers!

This is the nighttime exterior of the theater and the neon lights really accentuate the architectural lines

First … for those of you who have read Susan’s Delta Force books (and who hasn’t?) –

This book will have some ‘guest stars’ – “Ghost” & Rayne – “Truck” & Mary are on vacation in Paradise.

(this is a little nod to the fact that the first time I met Susan, it was here in Hawaii)

This is the interior of the Theater. The red velvet seats are delightful and the painting over the proscenium arch is beautifully restored.

My hero – Jackson “Ajax” Guard is a Delta Force member stationed here… somewhere near Pearl Harbor. He’s been tasked with showing their VIP Delta Force guests a little fun. As part of his duties, he takes the two couples to see a Hawaiian Music Showcase at the “Old Hawaii Theater”

As far as performance spaces go on the island of Oahu, it doesn’t get better than this. Built in the early 1900s, this grand old lady was refurbished back when I was in High School. I remember this because I was actually in the first large scale show in the space while they were still working on the new interior. One of our guests at the opening night was Carol Burnett, a friend of the director. So, I’m going to show you a few images about the theater so you’ll have some idea why this is going to be an important setting early in the book.



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