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“Rescuing Hi’ilani” – Natural Beauty of Hawaii – the Botanical Edition – Part 3

Jackson “Ajax” Guard, the hero of Rescuing Hi’ilani, lives in a house located in Schofield Base on the Western side of Oahu Island.

Sharing the house with two other members of his team ‘Train’ and ‘Baron,’ they make the most out of one of the bungalow/plantation style houses from the base’s history in the early 1900s.

The main problem of some of those houses is that while there may be three bedrooms in the house there is but one bathroom.

Three strong, hot-as-sin guys and one bathroom. Well, things are always interesting.

Now, I need to get to the Flora part of the post.

The back and side yards of the house are on very fertile soil. They don’t tell you to watch out for the red dirt just for kicks.

Growing up and along one of the posts and a part of the roof of the lanai is a bougainvillea plant. Thorny and still beautiful with long graceful limbs of tissue-paper-like flowers, it makes a great quick growing ‘shade.’

The back part of the yard holds a mango tree that must be almost as old as the house. The thick green leafy canopy can turn into a white-yellow profusion of flowers in the springtime before the branches start to bow with heavy fruits.

The branches that cross over into other yards become fair game for the residents of those yards, after all, they get to deal with the leaves… the never ending supply of leaves.

And the last tree, or type of tree in the backyard, is a papaya tree. Easily grown from the seeds scooped out of a papaya consumed at breakfast, you really should plant/nurture more than one in your yard. The trees need to cross pollinate, so unless you have neighbors with plants close-by, it is crazy frustrating. And there are a LOT of GMO papayas in the islands and those fruits have an odd taste, so cross your fingers.



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