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A New Series with Paranormal & Military – WARRIORS

There will likely be seven books in the WARRIORS Series, unless the readers ask for the eighth…
This post will show you the first TWO covers and the synopsis for Book 1: Ghillie (Click on the images to visit their Amazon pages)

They volunteered to serve their country, but greed and rogue science turned them into enhanced warriors. Now they must use their powers to stay alive… and free.
Grant Mabury could hide in a wide-open field. When it came to hiding in plain sight, NO ONE could do it better. His prowess earned him the name of GHILLIE like the camouflage suit.
The experiments made a suit unnecessary. Ghillie could seemingly disappear into thin air, making him an ideal soldier for scouting and infiltration.

Rue Fortier was tired of people. People always seemed to look at her with impunity because she was all but blind. They didn’t know that hours later, her brain would process the visual information she’d seen and replay it for her like a silent movie. It was disorienting to say the least.
That was until she saw him.
He was color in the darkness. A light in her world.
Ghillie was her chance at love and a life out of the darkness.

But danger was coming. RED was coming.

A man whose ticket out of a maximum security prison was submitting to the same battery of experiments that Ghillie and the others endured. His orders? Find Ghillie. Bring him back. They’d prefer alive.
Red? He’d prefer to drag Ghillie back in a body bag.

Anyone else would buckle under the pressure. Cower before the danger.

But this was Ghillie.

And he was a Warrior.

October 12, 2021



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