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New Release! Book 7 in San Antonio First Responders Series!

Shelter for Kylie

Kylie Reinhart’s life is all about change. She’s never spent more than a couple of years in any one place and she’s hoping that San Antonio might become a real home for her. A brand new teacher at San Antonio Community College, she’s living in an apartment complex where cost far outweighs maintenance and safety. When Kylie discovers that someone has taken her parking spot, she recognizes the car and knows who they’re visiting. Before she drives off to find another space, she sees something in the car that makes her blood curdle in her veins.

Without another thought, she calls 911.

Warren Vidal was given the name ‘Peace’ by the firefighters at Station Seven. But he comes damn close to losing his cool when they arrive at the Mayo Terrace to answer a call of a child trapped in a car. There’s nothing worse than a child in danger but that’s why he loves his job, helping others. A bad situation only gets worse when the fire truck has to stick around for another emergency, but in the middle of destruction and pain, he meets the angel of his dreams.

Peace can’t seem to get her out of his mind and soon she’s in his heart, deeper and deeper into his life. Neither of them knows what kind of an enemy she’s made, but they’ll feel his wrath before long. Can their love defeat the evil determined to divide them?

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